Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chloe is 5ive

Chloe and classmate Jay-Jay's joint 5th Birthday Party @ School

I am thinking of something new that would make her feel extra special and happy on her 5th birthday.

Months before her birthday, my girl is already telling me that she wants to have two birthday celebrations - one is with the family and one with her classmates. So yeah, "as you wish my dear".

Feb 1, 2014 is her natal day. It's just a simple celebration with your's truly, her lola, tito and tita's. Daddy is not around (currently onboard a vessel), who is dying to be with her unica hija on her special day, but he could not. Sad. But this is a happy birthday for our baby girl, so the "show must go on". (lol)

All he can do is ..... cry =(  Daddy gets emotional while singing a happy birthday song for bday girl via skype. (ouch! my hearts is crying too)


...School Birthday celebration...

a joint celebration with Jayjay, her classmate.
She looks so beautiful in her TINKERBELL costume.
He is so cute in his Peter Pan outfit.

Fun...Fun...Peter Pan and Tinker Bell theme party with classmate Jayjay

Monday, November 11, 2013

Trip to Cagraray Misibis Eco Park

Love for nature. Love for adventure. Love to discover new things, family bonding- these things and a lot more keeps our family closer together.

This time, we are heading to the most talked about tourist destination in Albay - to the Cagraray Island where the luxurious private residential resort is- the Misibis Residential Resort.

OOppsy, we are out of budget today! ! ! so we are going to forget about entering  that "luxurious resort" for now, (maybe some other time..hehe), but there is still no reason that would stop our "itchy feet" from going and finding what else Cagraray Island can offer. So, let's go to Cagraray Eco- Energy Park, a few walks away from the resort.

How to get there?

A long journey starts  -almost 2 hours ride.

From Legazpi City, take the road going to Tabaco-Tiwi, then, enter the San Isidro Road going to Sto. Domingo Church and Sto Domingo Municipal Hall, turn right, then left, it would be better to ask any local residence there, just to be sure. You will get to pass baraggays Calayucay, Salvacion and Buhatan, then the
SULA BRIDGE, a bridge that connects the Cagraray Island from the mainland Albay.

..................LET THESE PICTURES DO THE TALKING.................................

L to R:  husband, daughter, sisters and my brother

me and him =)

.......nice view going to Cagararay.......

  yours truly =)

     We Shall Return =)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My husband: Top 4, September 2013 2nd Marine Engineer Officer Licensure Exam

After 4 working days from the date of exam last September 14-15, 2013, the Professional Regulation Commission  finally released the list of successful examinees. (September 19, 2013).

I am so proud  of my husband for not only passing licensure exam, but for being TOP 4. 
Congratulations 2/E JEFFREY C. SENA! 

September 19, 2013 must be one of the luckiest days of our lives. Just in time, we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary and knowing that he has achieved something great, is  the best gift ever.

My Husband onboard.............. I am so proud of him!


The Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation, is also proud of his accomplishments. A simple way of recognizing his efforts for bringing honor to his alma mater,  is his featured article on the school's official website -  and




May this serve as an inspiration to those students who also aspire to become a successful maritime officers someday.

T h a n k   Y o u   L O R D !

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chloe's School Birthday @4

Time flies so fast. Yes! I can still recall how I got myself busy for her 1st birthday party and now I am finding myself getting busy again for her birthday celebration. Now, Chloe turns four. And I don't mind getting busy every year just to make her feel happy and special. More birthdays to come baby.

But this time it is easier for me to narrow down a bit all my ideas on how we are going to celebrate it because she already told me ahead of time all the things that she wants on her birthday. Uhuh! I find it amazing that at her age she already knows exactly what she wants. "Gusto ko sa school, maraming decorations, cake, balloons, spaghetti and chicken". Hmmm alright.

Of course with the dad's permission, I would want to give everything my baby wants as much as possible, however, as a wise mom, I have to work on a certain budget and make sure to stick on it without compromising her idea of a perfect birthday party. So, I have to customize and make my own budget meal for the kids. I included spaghetti, since it is an all-time kids favorite, as if a party is not complete without it, ooops, I might forget to mention that it should be the spaghetti of a certain fast food chain(lol).  A spaghetti and chicken combo on the certain fast food chain costs "$$$" for 28 kids in the class, so I decided to buy  raw chicken legs and fried it at home instead, my mom's home-made fried chicken is a delicious as those "sarap-to-the-bones chicken"(saved so much on this. lol) well, it is just a matter of having that extra effort to do it.. I also prepared hotdogs with marshmallows on sticks, lootbags, cupcakes and balloons.

Chloe's simple wish list: cake? check! balloons? check! spaghetti and chicken? check! What about the decorations? Hmmm...been thinking about these for months (joke!lol.) Good thing, there is a vacant room beside her  classroom, and with the teacher's permission, I asked my cousin to help me out in decorating the classroom. I was surprised, it turned out to be more than what I have expected! Sure, Chloe's going to like it as much as I do.

Thanks to my mom, sister and cousin for helping me make Chloe's 4th  birthday celebration a success! Simple birthday celebration = happiness! Till nextime.....

Thanks classmates for these wonderful birthday presents....................................... Love 'em all!